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The entire food industry, from growing to processing to retailing, is an extremely competitive field where profit margins are typically so low that it is often challenging to maintain profitability. The processed food industry worldwide has been hindered by high energy costs and changing consumer tastes. High feed costs have been extremely damaging to poultry and livestock firms.

The overall value of the crops, fruit and vegetables industry rose from $26.81bn to $26.83bn last year at constant prices. However, in terms of current prices values are falling, with last years’ output (provisional figures) standing at $26.16bn. The value of output of the crops sector was $19.37bn a slight increase from the previous year. Cereals make up the largest proportion of this total, with wheat being the main crop.

The value of the fruit and vegetable sector, excluding potatoes, was $11.43bn. The vegetable sector was greater than that of fruit at $9.22bn compared to $2.21bn. The value of output of vegetables increased from the previous year, although value of fruit decreased. Of the main fruit and vegetable crops, mushrooms had the highest value of output, followed by lettuces, carrots, apples, and peas. The potato sector maintained its previous years’ value of $5.03bn

Growth in the organic sector continues. Last years’ sales show a $160m increase. These figures include all areas of organic farming, e.g. fruit, vegetables, cereals, dairy, meat and multi-ingredient. The fruit and vegetable sector makes up the largest proportion of sales at 54%, followed by cereals at 14%.

Traditionally, experience growing up on or working on a family farm or ranch is the way farmers and ranchers learn their trade.

Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers typically gain skills through work experience and usually have at least a high school diploma. Traditionally, experience growing up on or working on a family farm or ranch was the way farmers and ranchers learn their trade.

However, as farm and land management has grown more complex, more farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers now have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or a related field. Completing a degree at a college of agriculture is becoming important for workers who want to make a living from this occupation. There are a number of government programs that help new farmers get training.

All state university systems have at least one land-grant college or university with a school of agriculture. Common programs of study include business with a concentration in agriculture, plant breeding, farm management, agronomy, dairy science, and agricultural economics.

At an agricultural college, students learn about crops, growing conditions, and plant diseases. Prospective ranchers and dairy farmers, on the other hand, learn basics of veterinary science, including how pesticides can affect livestock.

The market for fresh fruit and vegetables is demonstrating growth for a number of reasons. Trends impacting positively on the sector include a widespread move towards healthier eating, endorsed by numerous Government initiatives and fuelled by highly publicised medical concerns over rising obesity rates. Consumers' concerns over farming issues including animal welfare, the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have also fuelled growth in the organic movement, which has boosted the fruit and vegetables sector.

Additionally, there is evidence of a trend towards favouring locally grown food generating growth in the local fresh produce sector. This is supported both by consumers' growing sense of regional identity, and increasing concerns over the origins of food and the number of 'food miles' imported produce travels before reaching the consumer's plate. Farm shops, farmers' markets and independent retailers selling fresh, local fare are performing well.

Sales of fruit and vegetables have increased over the past few years, as a result of widespread healthier eating. The Government has made increased fruit and vegetable consumption a national priority, with various initiatives attracting considerable media coverage, such as the 'five a day' campaign. Fresh fruit has been the fastest growing sector, particularly exotic fruits. Even fast food giant McDonald's is marketing fruit and vegetables to its customers, with the introduction of fruit bags, vegetarian burgers and sandwiches, and salads to the main menu.

Consumers are increasingly willing to eat and cook with more unusual types of fruit and vegetables, particularly as these have become more widely available due to extensive supermarket ranges. Tropical and exotic fruits in particular have demonstrated strong market growth, and the majority of supermarkets and greengrocers now stock a broad selection of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Cooking with Mediterranean vegetables such as aubergines and fennel is particularly popular, and buying trends indicate a much greater use of fresh herbs such as basil and coriander in everyday cookery. This trend is enhanced by the wealth of cookery programmes and books available to consumers, as well as a broader inclination towards healthy eating.

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